September 7, 2011

A little bit of an update

Ohmigosh, the challenge ended and I stopped writing about anything except heinous experiences with roaches!! What is wrong with me!!

Ok, not true, but I haven't posted much this week. There are a few reasons, including:
  • The weather is suddenly amazing and I love it and I'd rather be outside than just about anywhere else;
  • I'm immersed in zombies.  After a great afternoon of writing last week I've been stuck in my story most days, having a fun time coming up with new and exciting ways to dispatch the undead, and also realizing that my story is about a LOT more than just killing some zombies.  I also just learned that if you bazombi is how my brain wanted to type the word zombie a moment ago. I think that sounds dirty.
  • I also got caught up in wondering what to do about September 11th this year. I felt like it should be commemorated here, but I wasn't sure how, or what was appropriate. So one night I sat down and started writing, and didn't stop until two hours later.  It's in desperate need of editing, but I plan to post it here, in three parts, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  
Anyway, that about brings you up to date. I promise to be more on a routine next week.

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