August 3, 2011

Sometimes good things do happen...

Tonight, I have three things to report:

1. I found this blog post today via an agent whose site I follow. She's pretty bad-ass. But she's also supportive of her friends, and it was super-nice to be directed to this post at a time when I've been feeling a little unworthy. It's about perseverance paying off, and taking a chance. And mostly, it's about an author selling her first novel. So for that, I congratulate the author, and am *just* a little envious.

2. An update on my 30 Days of Writing for Change project:
  • My first night went well. I wrote 1103 words that may or may not wind up in my second book (assuming I write my second book), and it made me happy. I've been so focused on editing lately, it was nice to just generate some content.
  • I've raised $210 so far for a great organization!! Huzzah!!! Thank you to everyone who has given so far, and to anyone considering starting their own of luck!!!
3. Zoe says this: iufnfrh$RYH hhhhhgvfcdxxxsssssssszzzza uyoj76 hygyfgttttr fsree4 mnhn5nymk 9i (She likes to type on my laptop sometimes. She pulls it onto her lap and types with all her fingers in a quintessential Mommy-imitation moment. I love it, so I'm sharing.)

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

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