August 23, 2011

Is there such a thing as too many books?

Peter Osnos at The Atlantic surely seems to think so.

I don't think I agree, but my Sunday experience at Barnes & Noble certainly had me questioning the sheer number of books on sale today. Every shape, color, size, topic...I still think it's overwhelming. But I'll admit, that's in part because I have a Giant Jealous Streak that I try and try to suppress but never seem to be able to. I am jealous of all the people out there who are already published. I want to join their ranks.

So therefore, my argument should be that NO, there's no such thing as too many books, right? Because the more books published, the better my chances are.

And books are great! I love books! And I especially love books in this a country where people try to ban books which are apparently against their moral values or craptastic theories on life or something. I almost want to say we need to publish even more books, right? Even if it's just to piss off the book-banners out there.

But still. I don't want my book published if the writing's bad. Even though (gasp!!) it involves sex and drugs and lots and lots of killing, and would therefore make lots of annoying people mad. I still want it to be good, you know?

Maybe I'll never think it's good enough though. That might just be in my nature. I know the last few nights have been a little painful, writing-wise, as I near the end of my 30 Day Challenge (there's still time to give!!). I sort of need a break. A night off. And so I know the writing hasn't been great. So tonight I'm feeling less than worthy of publication.

Guess that means it's time to double-down on my efforts.

I'm just not sure how yet...

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